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Aug 05 2010

Androstenol – The Pillow Talk Pheromone

category: androstenol author: Andrew A

It is this humble blogger’s opinion that Androstenol was correctly coined as “The Pillow Talk Pheromone” for several reasons. We all know what pillow talk is, not talking dirty pillow talk, just those longer, deeper conversations that couples tend to have with one another while laying close together in bed or cuddling. As for my wife and I, we have noticed a significant increase in both the number and length of our talks while laying close together since I started using Dr Amend’s Pheromone Advantage which contains androstenol.

Androstenol is mainly produced in the apocrine glands of the underarm region which a woman usually lays extremely close to when in bed with her partner. The pheromone androstenol increased the approachability of a women which increases her desire to get close and talk on a deeper, more involved level. These types of interactions lead to a stronger bond between the two which can lead to a healthier  relationship both in and out of bed.

I highly recommend getting your hands on some androstenol pheromone if you want to improve that relationship that you have with your partner.


Jul 31 2010

Androstenol – Relationship Bolster

category: androstenol author: Andrew A

Sex is an important part of a relationship, but certain modern day stresses mean that the pheromones are not created in such great quantities so the amount of time you spend together sexually will decrease. Andrestenol is a type of human pheromone that definately creates a friendly aura and impression about you when it is worn on the skin or clothes. It has been said that Andrestenol is the ice breaker of human pheromones. Which helps new couples or people that meet together for the first time. Androstenol pheromones are aslo useful to those who are already in a relationship as they can increase the amount of sexual attraction your partner has towards you.


Jul 27 2010

Androstenol – The Ice Breaker

category: androstenol author: Andrew A

There is a lot of speculation in the scientific community about the effectiveness of human pheromones. I want to just provide you with some personal insight into my personal favorite: Androstenol.

Androstenol has been called the ice breaker of human pheromones and can be an extremely effective tool when in use on the dating scene.

Adrostenol creates a friendly aura and gives you a friendly appearance to others. Having a positive image is always a good thing when making a first impression to anybody. Making people around you comfortable and providing a welcoming feeling so they can get to know you better is a must!

Androstenol provides this level of comfort. It works in a way that increases the inhibitions of sexual attractiveness, passion, and romance. It allows you and those around you to relax in a calm type of atmosphere which lends to heightened levels of attraction.

Sometimes referred to as the “Pillow-Talk” Pheromone, because it is secreted in higher concentrations in the sweat right after sex, my wife loves it! But if you’re looking to get that kind of vibe going on with a woman, give this a try and see if it just doesn’t do it for you!

I’ll be back later with more info on Androstenol. See ya then!


Jul 19 2010

Welcome to Androstenol dot org

category: androstenol author: Andrew A

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